Free Synth With Four Billion Presets

Image Line Software announces Autogun based on the Ogun synthesis engine      05/06/09
Free Synth With Four Billion Presets

Image Line Software has released its newest VST synthesizer - Autogun. Available for download free of charge, Autogun offers 4 294 967 296 (Four Billion Two Hundred Ninety Four Million Nine Hundred Sixty Seven Thousand Two Hundred Ninety Six) presets, that Image Line say are just waiting to be explored for their acoustic potential. That's assuming you have 132 years to spare - at one second per patch. And of course its all free. Autogun is based on the Ogun VSTi synthesizer that can produce exceptionally rich metallic and shimmering timbres, with up to 32,767 harmonics in additive synthesis. These harmonics can be modulated by high-level 'harmonic mapping' functions which are under the control of an artificial intelligence, patch creation algorithm, the reason Autogun can deliver such a huge number of great presets.
Every Autogun is set to start from a unique preset number, so that each Autogun user is assigned a personal starting preset-address, ready to explore. However, users can at any time, jump to a new location in the preset-space by simply entering a preset number.
With so many presets Autogun needs no programming, every sound is already somewhere 'out there' and just needs to be found. "Autogun is really amazing sounding plugin - once a prized sound is discovered, and it's preset number logged, it can be shared with other Autogun users or import them into Ogun, for detailed study or further development" commented Didier Dambrin, the developer of Autogun and Chief Software Architect at Image Line Software.
Key features:
  • Based on the Ogun synthesis engine
  • Enhanced by the Soundgoodizer, (Maximus) engine
  • 4 294 967 296 amazing presets to explore
  • Preset number copy/paste field
  • Preset up/down buttons
  • Volume control
System requirements:
  • 2Ghz AMD or Intel Pentium 3 compatible CPU with full SSE1 support
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • 130 Mb disk space
  • Windows XP/Vista
Pricing and Availability:
Free download More information:


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    Ted    Said...

    The first 3.5 billion presets are killer, but the last half- billion are somewhat uninspired.

    05-Jun-09 11:39 AM

    Hve fun and good luck :P    Said... image line trying to sell to people who don't write you know with there software ? Cause if you spend even 10 min searching for a preset that's like 5 I could have mad with oddity or imposcar or my mopho for that matter .

    05-Jun-09 07:25 PM

    Marc JX8P    Said...

    Wouldn't it be more accurate to call this a preset creator? Don't want to knock it, could be great for inspiration, but I would guess that it's nigh impossible to go for certain types of sounds.

    09-Jun-09 08:45 AM

    alex    Said...

    I'd like to see this as a small hardware module.

    12-Jun-09 03:59 PM

    dbdzcvr    Said...

    why on earth would you want this as a hardware module?! it's free

    22-Jun-09 05:09 AM

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