Zendrum Z4 Series Released

Upgrade for the MIDI percussion controller      05/06/09

Zendrum Z4 Series Released

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Here's the press release...
The Zendrum was already the perfect midi percussion controller for both hardware and software instruments. Now with the new Z4 upgrade, the best has just gotten even better!
The new Dedicated Save function makes it much easier to try out edits before committing them. You can change several parameters of a preset then simply revert back to the previously saved version with ease. Or you can easily commit the changes to be there when you fire the Zendrum back up.
The new MIDI Channel-Per-Pad feature has vastly opened up the programming options. Now you can control multiple VST instruments with one preset. You can set up some pads to trigger drums, some to control a soft synth, and still others to fire off audio loops in your VST host...all simultaneously! New Hihat pedal control input, volume pedal control input and additional trigger pad expansion maximize today's software and hardware.
Most importantly, the playing "feel" has been improved. It was already the best of any MIDI controller out there, but the designers at Zendrum have managed to make it even more "live" feeling. The Zendrum was already able to detect even the softest of hits, and now it picks up every single stroke and nuance of even 32nd note and 64th note finger rolls. It's like you're touching the sounds themselves! There is no other controller on the market that can equal the Zendrum's touch sensitivity and quality construction.
Those Who Know Feel The Freedom
"I have been playing this new Z4 series Zendrum for a couple of months now and it is a giant leap over what was already one of the best electronic percussion devices in the world. The increased speed was the first thing that I noticed followed by noticeable detail improvements from the velocity curves. The MIDI channel-per-pad function allows for more advanced setups and the Continuous Control options are great! Get this upgrade!"
John Emrich- Zendrummer, Sound Designer, Consultant
Pricing and Availability:
Instrument prices remain unchanged for 2009
Z4 Retrofits for all '96-present Zendrums $400 + shipping
Z4 Rebuild for '94/95 Datawheel ZX $600 + shipping
More information:
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