How You Say- Moog?

Tegan and Sara sort it out finally      26/06/09



We Brits have long been confused with the pronunciation of the M word, I'm still in favour of Mooooog  - because theres something Onomatopoeic (sp?) about it. Something, well Mooogy.


I hope this video helps clear this up once and for all though.



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loneraver    Said...

The name is of Dutch origin. If you really want to pronounce correctly you'd say it with a dutch "g" sound but nobody does it cause that sound doesn't exist in English.

26-Jun-09 11:19 AM

Nick B    Said...

Yeah, I know - I actually had the pleasure of interviewing Bob once, and that was one of the questions I asked him. I'll see if I can did it out sometime.

I just liked this video it was kind of sweet

26-Jun-09 01:49 PM

fak of    Said...


26-Jun-09 03:51 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

If I recall correctly, Bob used to originally pronounce it as 'oo' but his wife was a teacher and when she married him, she didn't want to have the school kids start calling her mrs. Moo so he started using the 'oh' sound in the name. Still, I would agree that even without this explanation the 'Mohg' pronounciation sounds better.

26-Jun-09 04:36 PM

f of    Said...

??? Idiot !!!

27-Jun-09 04:14 AM

f o    Said...

??? Idiot !!!

27-Jun-09 04:14 AM

fakkk    Said...

??? Idiot !!!

27-Jun-09 04:14 AM

fakkkkk    Said...

??? Idiot !!!

27-Jun-09 04:14 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

If you watch the EXCELLENT Moog documentary DVD, bring up the extras, there's a quick featurette on this (Moog On Moog).

Bob says that the 'correct' Dutch way is pronounced 'Moch' (rhyming with Loch - as in Loch Ness).

He then goes on to say that the German way is 'Mogue' (rhyming with vogue or Rogue), and the English way is 'Moog' (like the cow Mooooo).

Bob liked the German way best so thats how he pronounces it.

However you pronounce it, the guy was still a genius.

Mystery Solved.

27-Jun-09 12:25 PM

Gus    Said...

I think I once saw (dont remember where) that it is originally pronunced the same way an engish would say Rouge, but with an M.

27-Jun-09 01:06 PM

Yolanda Hayes    Said...

I think I once saw (dont remember where) that it is originally pronunced the same way an engish would say Rouge, but with an M.


30-Jun-09 05:15 PM

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