Classic Drum Machines Sampled

Beat Box Anthology offers drum machine sounds and loops from the 70s, 80s and early 90s      30/06/09

Classic Drum Machines Sampled

Ultimate Sound Bank/UVI Soundsource have released Beat Box Anthology which they describe as the one-stop shopping collection for drum machine sounds and loops, covering almost every generation of these instruments. They say that, even if these cult machines were a milestone in the 70s, 80s and 90s music production, their sounds are still used today in a lot of Urban, Hip Hop, Electro House and even Electro Pop productions. Here's the rest of what the company have to say...
The first "affordable" drum machines were manufactured in the 60s, and were designed to imitate the sounds of drums and percussions. Analog synthesis was the the first technology used to generate the drum sounds and most models left no opportunity to the user to alter or modify the pre-programmed rhythms. Then in the 80s the first models using low resolution digital samples were launched, and were quickly used in the most successful tunes in the music industry. In the 90s the sound quality turned better, but loosing in the meantime the character that had made older models so remarkable. That's where and why our investigation stopped.
Beat Box Anthology is divided in three sections: Classics, Analog & Digital. In the Classics category you will find the cult machines that are still used a lot today, like the 808 or the 909. Sampling and recording was particularly complete, covering every parameter and setting you can find on these machines. To capture the essence of these pieces of history, we did record everything in 24bit 96kHz, using the best DI Box and analog to digital converters.
Another unique approach to this kind of collection, is the mastering step that once more makes it unique. Sounds were mastered at Sterling Sound with Chris Gerhinger, for this punchy sound you won't find anywhere else.
With a total of around 10 000 samples and loops from 80 different machines, Beat Box Anthology also contains hundreds of native kits and patterns for the new MOTU BPM, then being its best companion. Whatever the kind of music you're making, you will certainly find room for these incredible sounding machines.
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