Podcast: Sonic TALK136 - Sweaty Knees

Michael Jackson, music/tech courses,Glasto, UAD2 Solo      02/07/09

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68:0 mins

Another scorcher in the UK, we're all wilting here apart from  soundartist Mark Tinley who's got his headlights on in the basement, where it's nice and cool. In not so sunny Connecticut, Rich Hilton is with us before heading off to work in the studio with Nile Rodgers, Dave Spiers a founding father of GForce Software  also telecommutes in from GF HQ , Dave Robinson editor of ProSoundNewsEurope.com and  late comer Noneric catches us for the last 20 minutes from Berlin, where lives a particularly rock n roll lifestyle ;-).

Obviously, we can't do this show without a portion dedicated to one of the last Great Pop icons Michael Jackson - rather than dwell on his more eccentric side, we celebrate his music and offer a few choices for favourite MJ tracks. We then move on to the proliferation of music and technology education courses and what's missing or what it means, then another subject you just can't miss, well certainly not in the UK anyhow, was last weekends Glastonbury Festival which drew crowds of over 175,000 and boasted some of the biggest gigging names - which is what makes it officially the biggest festival in the World. Then its the UAD2 Solo PCIe card for some DSP action.

Also this week, in the quest for the perfect mic, Nick tries out the Røde Procaster, a dynamic mic with more than a nod to the looks of the classic ElectroVoice RE20, I do quite like the sound, particularly the noise rejection, it has a fairly tight cardioid pattern, but singificantly lower output than last weeks condenser. Thanks to SourceDistribution.co.uk for lending us this to check out.

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CR78    Said...

Download/itunes podcast links not working?

02-Jul-09 08:17 AM

CR78    Said...

Working now

Thanks Nick

02-Jul-09 09:00 AM

RedWalks    Said...

Hey Nick,

could it be the studio is too cool - like freezing ur brain...no links, some typos 135?!?,Marks link...LoL Just enjoy the weather... CYA,Red !

02-Jul-09 02:53 PM

loneraver    Said...

I really wanted to join in the chat this time but for some reason my ISP blocks whatever port the chat site uses.

03-Jul-09 12:45 AM

asiohead    Said...

I liked the double Dave edition Nick ! :)

Every Wednesday is a joy to listen. Wouldn't know what to do without the podcast. Well work more prolly haha, so it's a great excuse to take a nice break filled with gear news, music and laughter. Inform, educate and entertain ! The Beeb couldn’t do it better themselves ;)

Brilliant !


03-Jul-09 05:31 AM

asiohead    Said...

Oh yeah, it's a bit early maybe ;) but we are soon approaching Sonic Talk nr 150. Wouldn't it be a great idea to do a Q&A with some hot shot producer (apart from all you hot shot producers/musicians ofc!! ;) )

cause the previous panel guest, Diego Stocco, was pretty cool.

Now, I dunno who you guys got hidden in your superphones ;) but maybe someone like Nile Rodgers, Tony Visconti, Rick Smith and Karl Hyde , Trent Reznor, Paterson/Fehlmann …. Phil Spector .. ;)

Or maybe some gear designer ? Surprise us :)


03-Jul-09 05:51 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great show - as usual! I like asioheads' idea - if I may do a short wishlist: video podcast again like with the 100th episode and get Alan Parsons in! Maybe even Jeff Wayne, I'd love to hear how he built War Of The Worlds sound-wise.

03-Jul-09 01:26 PM

loneraver    Said...

Does anybody know the IRC server and channel for this? I really want to join in but flash chat program won't work on any of my computers regardless of OS.

04-Jul-09 02:02 AM

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