Improvised Trigger Finger Synthesis

Duo Looks Beyond Triggering Drum Sounds      06/07/09

duo pantoMorf is a Swedish electronic free impro duo and research project that focuses on new ways of controlling electronic sound.

The duo is interested in finding new ways to incorporate musicianship into electronic music. In this case, the duo is exploring ways of playing electronic sounds as directly as playing acoustic instruments.

The video captures a duo pantoMorf improvisation on two instances of the instrument "the expressure pad", controlled by a pair of M-Audio Trigger Finger drum pad devices.

With their sound improvisations, duo pantoMorf hope to "erase the lline between sound editing and synthesizer performance."

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Philistine    Said...

Sometimes it's hard not to laugh outloud at some of the ridiculous stuff that passes for serious art/music.

I'm just not sure I fully understand the motivation or ego that is behind something like this.

At what point should a friend or audience/family member just take them to one side and have a quiet word to avoid future embarrassment?

Something subtle, along the lines of "You do realize that this is complete wank dont you and you are making a fool of yourself?"

06-Jul-09 11:14 AM

~C    Said...

Yeah, they said the same thing about Beethoven.

Stop hatin and post your own.

06-Jul-09 11:23 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

Wow. Just checked. I didn't know Clavia discontinued the G2 & the modulars..

Shame, you could get some cracking & loopy sounds out of them, as these guys clearly show....

06-Jul-09 11:45 AM

fac    Said...

I don't like their "music" too much, either. However, as a G2 owner, I do understand the technical skill required to make a patch with so many sounds and nuances, and I also like the idea of performing electronic music by actually playing it, instead of just triggering loops and sequences while tweaking knobs. I have some respect for these guys.

06-Jul-09 06:00 PM

alex    Said...

that was terrible

06-Jul-09 06:33 PM

turdler    Said...

not to be a dick but people have been playing electronic music without loops for decades, and it actually sounded good. i'm up for a bit of experimentation but this is almost trash. anyone with knowledge of programming can come up with this kinda crap and then have some decency to not expose it to anyone..

06-Jul-09 08:57 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

I was really hoping that one of them shouted "YOU SUNK MY BATTLESHIP!" at the end of the vid but alas it was not to be. ;0)

06-Jul-09 11:04 PM

mr. tunes    Said...

before i hit play, i wondered if the m-audio guys would regret discontinuing the trigger finger from this video.

then after 30 seconds i said "nope".

07-Jul-09 05:05 PM

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