Is SoundCloud The New MySpace?

It's Good Enough For Beck, Sonic Youth and Moby....      08/07/09

Is SoundCloud The New MySpace?

Wired has an interesting look at the new music startup SoundCloud today, suggesting that it "threatens MySpace as Music Destination for Twitter Era":

In a few short months SoundCloud has begun to give mighty MySpace a run for the hearts and minds of recording artists eager to interact more nimbly with fans than is possible on the giant social network which has, for the past five years, been the de facto online platform for musicians. Sonic Youth used SoundCloud to stream their latest album via Twitter while Moby uses it to promote his latest tracks on his site rather than on MySpace. And when Beck decided to trash his so-five-years-ago Flash-based site and start over with simple pages heavy on high-quality content and light on everything else, he too turned to SoundCloud.

If you're not familiar with SoundCloud, it's a music sharing site that focuses less on being a destination, and more on being a great platform for sharing music.

It's a free service, with a "Pro" option that removes limitations and lets you "brand" the player.

SoundCloud offers many benefits over MySpace for musicians:

  • Every song you share has a unique URL
  • The SoundCloud player is excellent, displaying the overall envelope of the track and letting people comment at specific times within the track.
  • The player is embeddable.
  • SoundCloud lets you decide if you want to let people download your tracks, and supports free or paid downloads.
  • SoundCloud makes it easy to share tracks via email, Myspace, Digg, Twitter and other social networks.
  • It has an open API, so developers can create apps that upload audio to the site. An example is FiRe, a field recording application for the iPhone.

For many musicians, the killer feature for SoundCloud is that it makes it very easy to put music on your site, blog or anywhere else, with a fantastic player.

Here's an example embed, Gel-Sol, Live at Chillography:

SoundCloud doesn't offer the built-in audience of millions that MySpace has. But, if you're a musician that's trying to build traffic to your own site or blog, or if you're using social networking sites like Twitter, SoundCloud could be an indispensable tool.

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