SAE To Award Scholarships

131 scholarships for diploma and degree courses at UK colleges      09/07/09

SAE To Award Scholarships

SAE have announced that they are to award 131 scholarships for diploma and degree courses at their UK colleges. Here's what they have to say...
For over 30 years SAE have been training the world's creative media professionals. Now with these unique scholarship awards SAE are making it easier than ever to get started on the creative media career path of your choice – are you ready to start your dream career?
My Creative Future has teamed up with SAE Qantm and Future Publishing to offer 131 scholarships for Qantm and SAE courses. Prospective students can apply for one of 11 full scholarships or 120 part-scholarship places in order to study a diploma or bachelor's degree in your choice of Audio, Music Business, Film, Web, 3D, Design or Games Development.
All courses commence on the 28th September, 2009.
How to apply for full and part scholarships for degrees and diplomas: In order to apply, all you have to do is choose the course you would like to study and which SAE you'd like to study at, then tell us why you've always wanted to enter the creative media industry. It's that simple!
Full scholarships waive all course fees, with potential savings of over £11,000. Part scholarships waive up to 50% of fees, guaranteeing savings of almost £6,000.
The following diploma and degree courses and locations can be chosen:
  • Audio Engineering Diploma – Audio Engineering Diploma available at SAE London, SAE Oxford, SAE Liverpool, SAE Glasgow
  • Music Business – Music Business Diploma only available at SAE London
  • Film – Film Making Diploma available at SAE London, SAE Glasgow
  • 3D – 3D Animation Diploma only available at Qantm London
  • Web – Web Design & Development Diploma only available at Qantm London
  • Games – Games Design & Development Diploma only available at Qantm London
  • Design – Graphic Design Diploma only available at Qantm London
  • SAE Tonmeister (requires a BA or BSc in a related field or similar work experience) – SAE Tonmeister course only available at SAE Oxford
All courses (with the exception of the SAE Tonmeister course) include an Apple MacBook.
SAE London manager Matthias Postel said: "Here at SAE we've been committed to providing first class education in a range of creative media for over 30 years now. We're convinced that our experience and the extensive network of SAE campuses and staff around the world make us the first choice for anyone looking to embark on the world's most exciting careers. And now with the addition of this unique scholarship scheme we're making it even easier for potential students to reap the benefits of an SAE education."
Deadline for applications is Monday, 31st August 2009. Apply online at:
More information:

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