LinnDrum II - Further Delays

Roger Linn announces that the 3rd-quarter 2009 shipping date won't be met      10/07/09
LinnDrum II - Further Delays
Third design, now abandoned in favor of the current design

Here's what Roger has to say in an open statement on his website...
"We're still hard at work but regrettably won't be able to meet our earlier estimate of a 3rd-quarter 2009 ship date. The recent changes in the economy have caused us to rethink our design, which had become too expensive. One problem is that Dave's customers and my customers had different views of what the product should be, so we had been working on a more elaborate design that we thought would please them both. Then the economy tanked. Oops. The other issue is that Dave and his team have been having such success with their analog synths that they've been spreading themselves pretty thin trying to work on both projects.
So given these circumstances, we'd prefer not to state another release date estimate at this time, but when we do we promise to post it here along with any other information we're able to release. Also, given that Dave and his team have their hands pretty full and that a beat-oriented product is more of a Roger product anyway, we'll probably be selling it through Roger Linn Design instead of from both companies as we had previously considered.
I'd personally love to tell everybody all the details of the product design, features and price as we did with our initial designs of the product, but there's that pesky problem of keeping the information from our competitors. So we need to keep tight-lipped for now and regrettably can't answer any questions. Thanks also to those who have kindly asked to place advance orders. However, we don't feel it's right to accept orders until we are able to release the price or more information about the product.
And now I must get back to work. :)"
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    dim    Said...

    i am so mad at these guys now i have been waithing for this for so long and cant wait no more.I am now thinking this machine will never see the light of day maybe I should just buy a 5000 roger is letting alot of people down

    10-Jul-09 12:37 PM

    martin    Said...

    fuck this shit.... can't wait any longer...

    D - BEAT!

    10-Jul-09 03:00 PM

    martin    Said...

    this is what you get if you are messing with all sorts of projects... motherfuckers is not focussed...this is one of the reasons akai stopped messing with linn in the 1st place! and "Tetr4" what the hell is that dave?? finish shit off!!!


    10-Jul-09 03:07 PM

    martin    Said...

    dont worry....

    the love is still there.

    i will not buy a D beat.


    10-Jul-09 03:09 PM

    Jack    Said...

    No good... im buying the spectralis 2 cant wait longer than i already have.. shit.

    10-Jul-09 05:08 PM

    I Don't Like Music    Said...

    Waiting for a drum machine from Roger Linn? Really? It's like the Linn 9000 never happened. Woof.

    SCI kit was shoddily built for the 80s but Dave Smith has kicked it to a whole new level. The box a DSI ships in is sturdier than the unit.

    Spectralis II? It's like spending $2500 for a copy of Reason 4.

    10-Jul-09 06:30 PM

    loneraver    Said...

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, LinnDrum II is the new Duke Nukem Forever!

    10-Jul-09 07:48 PM

    mystic radio    Said...

    i said TWO years ago these people wont have it together.... for the price you may as well buy a OPEN LABS system.. and rent one when it comes out and MIMMICK it for free... its a redunant product now... so many ways of making beats.. what will it have you cant get anywhere else? The only ones who will buy it is rich guys just wanting the toy cause its Roger Linn... other than that they waited too long and its OBSOLETE before it leaves their shop

    10-Jul-09 08:20 PM

    Kannon    Said...

    Damn! Damn! Damn! Roger is full of shit!!! every quarter its an excuse, i beleive open labs d beat scared the shit out of both roger & dave, causing them to retreat and rethink about how in the hell are they going to top the D quarter roger will make a comments telling everyone that due to the recession, Roger Linn Designs can't afford to buy parts are Dave!!!! Fuck it! im buying the D BEAT :)

    10-Jul-09 11:50 PM

    Kannon    Said...

    Damn! Damn! Damn! Roger is full of shit!!! every quarter its an excuse, i beleive open labs d beat scared the shit out of both roger & dave, causing them to retreat and rethink about how in the hell are they going to top the D quarter roger will make a comments telling everyone that due to the recession, Roger Linn Designs can't afford to buy parts are Dave!!!! Fuck it! im buying the D BEAT :)

    10-Jul-09 11:59 PM

    mystic radio    Said...

    nice try ROGER LINN... if the economy and recession is so bad... why are D-beats and Miko's and Neko's FLYING out of Open Labs warehouses? Yamaha and Roland have RAISED prices still they sell like hot cakes. Pro's use tools and arent affected by economies... this is supposed to be a PRO tool... so people with minimum wage jobs wouldnt buy them anyways... WOULD YOU LIKE TO TRY ''ANOTHER'' excuse? Nobody needs a new drumbox.. theres plenty out there that do the job JUST FINE.

    11-Jul-09 11:11 AM

    haromincon    Said...

    Fuck. That sucks. What this means is that it's going to be a piece of digital crap like all of the other newer Linn stuff. The prospect of real analogue envelopes, filters, etc. is what made this thing appealing. Ugh.

    11-Jul-09 11:52 AM

    Delia Smith    Said...

    nothing like a bit of honesty from a manufacturer to piss people off eh?

    11-Jul-09 12:00 PM

    thatsme    Said...

    Spectralis like reason 4? ha ha shows what you know.. do some research ya fool.

    11-Jul-09 05:57 PM

    I Don't Like Music    Said...

    You're right. Spectralis II doesn't sound a thing like Reason 4. It sounds more like a freeware Synthedit vst.

    11-Jul-09 11:15 PM

    Delia Smith    Said...

    Sepctralis like a Synthedit VST?

    What are you on? Some of the patches are monster and it's got excellent convertors which make quite a difference to to low end - pillock!

    12-Jul-09 05:54 AM

    Jack    Said...

    And the spectralis has analog filters.. you must have pancake ears..

    12-Jul-09 04:15 PM

    I Don't Like Music    Said...

    ooooh. analog filters and excellent converters. oh, my.

    12-Jul-09 07:19 PM

    Jack    Said...

    I dont like music.. FAIL.

    14-Jul-09 05:12 PM

    Kim    Said...

    Hey Guys, Maybe Roger doesn't have the money backing of a big major co. for a giant team of engineers, but we're talking about a brilliant designer here. Guitarists love their Adrenalinns. My Akai-Linn MPC 60 is a tank, never a problem in almost 2 decades.I'll wait to see what Roger does next! Give him time.

    16-Jul-09 06:27 PM

    Quit crying you babies    Said...

    Wow... in this economy to see all this negativity when analog has had a whole second coming for longer now than it did the first go around is surprising. Get with it guys! Build your own if you can't wait. You guys are spewing nonsense about legendary designers. Where's the respect? Bunch'a cry babies. D Beat? It's a laptop fools with a nice hardware interface. If you need the virtual variety the D Beat has the Roger/Dave instruments will leave you sad (and jealous) every time.

    23-Jul-09 01:22 AM

    something in the way    Said...

    Some of the people commenting on this story are acting as if they have studio time booked with a world famous act/producer that would guarantee them fame and fortune, with the only catch being that they absolutely need to have the LinnDrum II for the session.

    And since that absolutely isn't the case, what, exactly, is the big deal that Roger probably isn't going to deliver this thing?

    Oh, right: that whole "people just like to bitch" thing.

    As you was . . .

    23-Jul-09 09:03 AM

    Jack    Said...

    Of course people are pissed off!?? They have talked about this instrument for three years! and still nothing... and the fact is.. "THAT SUX"

    25-Jul-09 09:22 AM

    Trus1te    Said...

    I just wish I knew how to build and program these things.

    All the market is asking for is a piece of kit that:

    Sequences Midi

    Has Hi-Quality D/A & A/D converters

    Has built in Sampling Functionality

    Is sturdy (i.e metal casing, good and long lasting action on MiDi input device)

    Provides innovative and erganomical potential for performance.

    I suppose that is a lot to ask...

    But really the people who use these things are artists who want to be able to perform AND record using as little kit as possible.

    I.E., something to rival the Spectralis by incorporating better performance intuition and a stronger recording interface (I don't know if II has one. Specky 1 did not)

    29-Jul-09 12:14 PM

    edinburghMCGILL    Said...

    Is this machine ever going to be made? Nearly 3 years of torturous dashed hopes, patiently waiting is starting to feel a bit Guantanamo style to me :(

    01-Feb-10 09:27 AM

    DJ Syylk    Said...

    Relax kids...they are aiming for perfection. This is not your ordinary drum machine, as I'm sure you all know. So, use the one he has out now and get the new one if u want when it comes out. And it WILL come out. So...go in the studio and work whatcha got for now...keep on dreaming and will be worth it.

    22-Feb-10 01:11 PM

    DJ Syylk    Said...

    And for the dude that says "what will it have that you can't get now..." You've obviously never used/heard the original LinnDrumm or else you wouldn't be asking that question. It's the baddest analog drum machine on the planet. It sounds like no other drum machine ever made for production. It's a blessing and a dream to own one. You people sound like a bunch of cry babies. Go DL Fruity Loops and shut the hell up already. I'm sure your production skills wont do it any justice anyway. Plus, more availability for people who actually do know what they're doing.


    22-Feb-10 02:05 PM

    Tom    Said...

    Talk about over complicating the design of something that should be great and simple. Just bring it out

    Analog Drum Machine - boom chick, and a bit of cowbell and your done!

    11-Oct-10 08:32 AM

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