Teenage Virtual Vocalist

Vocaloid SONIKA is modelled on the voice of a young girl pop singer      14/07/09
Teenage Virtual Vocalist

Zero G has announced that Vocaloid SONIKA will be shipping soon, modelled on the voice of a young girl pop singer, and powered by the latest Yamaha Vocaloid2 Singing Synthesis Technology.
Here's all the details from them...
SONIKA is a sweet virtual voice at your fingertips...
SONIKA is a new cyberspace starlet who will hit those high notes every time with perfect accuracy.
Whether it's sweet and pure leads, harmonies or backing vocals, Sonika can sing any word from the English language (and other languages too with a little work).
Sonika is also very well suited if you want to be adventurous and experimental, since her voice can be easily modified and shaped in many ways.
In addition to singing any words or combination of syllables or phonemes you can imagine, SONIKA will spread any sustained vowel (or voiced consonant) across as many notes as you like, with perfect legato. You can select from several different natural vibrato types and drag and drop your chosen type to any note or notes, and control the time-position and amount of the vibrato.
And that's just the beginning - you have control over all of the following parameters, which you can bring to bear on any part of your creation:

Sing it with feeling Sonika:

  • Changing syllables/phonemes
  • Timing of each note (precise position/length).
  • Vibrato (you can change its type/position/amount/frequency).
  • Volume
  • Attack.
  • Crescendo or diminuendo
  • Pitch bend (amount, and positionable in time).
  • Glide (portamento).
  • Resonance (Frequency/bandwidth/amplitude)
  • Harmonics.
  • Noise.
  • Brightness
  • Clearness.
  • Gender factor.

Key Features of VOCALOID2
VOCALOID2 is the latest version of VOCALOID, which includes major improvements in usability and synthesis quality. Here are the key features:

  • GUI: The VOCALOID Editor (score editing tool) of VOCALOID2 has a cool new look with improved user functionality.
  • A much more realistic and natural sounding vocal: The synthesis engine of VOCALOID2 uses a different signal processing technique from Version 1, creating a clearer and more natural vocal.
  • Realtime Keyboard Performance (VST Instrument): Written lyrics can be assigned a note by touch of a keyboard. Now you can "sing" using a keyboard.
  • New functionalities and improvements: Much easier to use functionalities are newly implemented, which reduce workloads in creating your music. Existing functionalities are also improved.
  • Note auditioning: If you press a note, singing with lyrics and pitch will be assigned to the note. Instantly check lyrics and notes.
  • Transparent control track: Control track for controlling timbre is transparent, so you can check two parameters at once.
  • Toggling between Playback and Rendering You can specify playback/rendering mode for each track. By rendering the finished track, you can reduce CPU load in playback. Maximum number of tracks is 16.
  • Expression control: You can easily specify musical expression (attack and vibrato) with this intuitive user interface.

Pricing and Availability:
$199.95 USD (169 Euros / £114.95 GBP)
More information:


More From: ZERO-G
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Old Git    Said...

Arghhhhh! My ears are bleeding.

Surely, given the power of current processors, they can do better than this?

I know the human voice is hard to model and all that, but this is pants - teenage girl pants - no wait, thats probably quite appealing

14-Jul-09 07:26 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

Yea, but its still fun to make it sing assorted swear words in a way you could never quite do with the old Speak & Spell.

Musically, it is probably confined to background oooo and ahhh vocals for Japanese soft drink commercials.

14-Jul-09 10:11 AM

Chuck    Said...


This is down right embarrassing!!!

We must have higher standards than this for crying out loud!


14-Jul-09 02:19 PM

loneraver    Said...

I'd get this just to see how I could break it if only it was in impulse buy territory. But at 200 bucks it's a little much to buy on an impulse.

14-Jul-09 03:44 PM

loneraver    Said...

Also, if you want realistic voice check out EWQL Symphonic choirs. Requires a bit of work to get it to sound right, and their new Play engine is full of more bugs that a cheap motel, but when when you get it to work it's down right breathtaking.

14-Jul-09 03:49 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

After a second listen I have to agree. This is truly awful.

How they can release a cool product like Vocaloid Prima which did a passable female operatic emulation and then tout this as second generation Vocaloid technology emulation is beyond me.

It makes you wonder if the product manager actually listened to the thing before deciding to release it...

14-Jul-09 08:55 PM

ddivill    Said...

jesus, is that supposed to be english or what language it sounds like she's sining backwards ... where's the articulation of the words??

15-Jul-09 07:39 AM

Unico    Said...

Her speech is a lot more clearly than previous English vocaloids. I like her.

15-Jul-09 07:07 PM

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