Akai Mini Controllers Unveiled

Pads, knobs and keys in a nano style      16/07/09
Akai Mini Controllers Unveiled
Akai's new little 'uns

I'm guessing it can't have gone unoticed in the Akai boardroom, that the Korg nano series proved to be incredibly popular - people just want little, dinky, controllers they can chuck in the laptop bag.

So enter the new LPK25 25 key mini MIDI keyboard with 'proper' mini synth travel keys. One critisism that could be levelled at the nanoKey was that its keys were a little unorthodox, more akin to laptop qwerty keys. The keys on the LPK are larger and more traditional and are  velocity sensitive. There is also an on board arpeggitator with beat division selections along the same lines as the MPK keyboards - presumably the unit can receive MIDI clock -  there's also a tap tempo and octave +/- buttons.

The LPD8 combines a set of 8 light-up velocity sensitive pads with 8 assignable knobs, it's not known if the pads are pressure sensitive for performing the press roll functions like the MPC and MPK pads do, but looking at the image, I'm guessing not. Each unit has four memory locations for storing setups and presumably are USB powered.

More information will no doubt be forthcoming as the units are on display at this weekends Summer NAMM show in Nashville.

Pricing and Availability
 To be announced, expected to ship this Autumn.







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Antonio Sage    Said...

Yeah, these look great!

16-Jul-09 07:08 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Agree, very nice. Although I believe that the Nanokeys' keys were also velocity sensitive. One thing that I do find regrettable though is that none of these products has a midi-out which could make them really useful as a quick add-on keyboard to a synth or sound module.

16-Jul-09 07:33 AM

Nick B    Said...

Marc, yes the nanoKEY is also velocity sensitive. I think the issue with adding a MIDI out is that it would need a power source or place to put batteries,unless you power it off USB

16-Jul-09 07:37 AM

Gregorius VII    Said...

yeah also really interested in this but a midi out WOULD clinch it. also a lot o people have said they'd like to see some kind of pitch bend/mod control, but they seem to be squeezing everything they can out of 13 "!

17-Jul-09 03:46 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

What would be interesting is if someone could build a small box that takes the usb input from these gadgets and distills the midi to a regular midi out. Maybe even allow several of these to merge into one midi out. As they all seem to conform to some windows standard midi driver protocol I'm guessing the functionality shouldn't be too difficult to implement.

17-Jul-09 04:22 AM


The knobs AND pads are a great feature that the Korg doesn't have...Nice Setup... It's good to have options.

19-Jul-09 07:21 AM

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