SNAMM09: Beat Thang Virtual Hits Nashville

Nashville crew start soft, go hard later      17/07/09
SNAMM09: Beat Thang Virtual Hits Nashville

The Beat Kangz crew first appeared at the Winter NAMM session with a serious contender to the MPC and dedicated Hip Hop sampler drum machine - at least in prototype form.

As promised back then, the Beat Thang Virtual is now ready to go. In Mac and PC form it's a a virtual version of the soon to be in production Beat Thang hardware. It's not totally clear from the press info, but it does look like the Beat Thang virtual is a standalone application, not a plug-in. Features include:

  • Over 3000 sounds and hundreds of royalty free Beat Kangz Bangers 
  • One octave pad layout with 8 banks = 8 octaves so you can bang out beats or play the keys.  
  • 16 track midi sequencer.  (8 internal/8 external)
  •  16 layers of velocity sensitivity for emotive performance.
  • High Quality Sampler & waveform editing. Sample your own sounds using your computer’s built in mic or line input.
  • Process samples using features like normalize, reverse and resample.
  • Easy to use Realtime Sequencer. Create patterns in real time using quantize, swing, individual bar lengths, tap tempo then string them together in SONG mode.
  • 24bit reverb, delay, flange, phaser, pitch shift, old record and many more.
  • Add BANG with onboard mastering. 
  • Export your songs as .wav files or save them to your Beat Kangz Playa Thang equipped iPhone or iPod Touch.
  • Integrates seamless with Beat Thang Hardware.  Anything you edit, record or produce on Virtual can be transferred to the Thang, and vice versa.

To celebrate the release of the Virtual, the Beat Kangz Crew are havin a party at Summer NAMM, after all, it's their home city so why not?

If you want to join them  the party is on Saturday 18th July, from 12 noon to 12 midnight on the corner of 5th and Commerce - right opposite the Convention Center. That should give the Telecaster players a little something different to think about.

Beat Thang Virtual is available from the website from today (17th July) at $149 US - it ships on a "handsome USB flash drive" and you also get $149 discount against a Beat Thang hardware when it is released beginning October 2009.




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The Guvnor    Said...

It the thing isn't a plug-in or at least works with ReWire, then I can't see the point to it other than as an editing tool for the hardware version (which should be given away free with the unit anyway).

Who wants to use a standalone app of this type in this day and age?

17-Jul-09 08:13 PM

beat beater    Said...

adding to the above: for a $149 price point I expect something drastic that I cannot do with Battery or any other drum software for which I need a MIDI controller anyway.

it´s an app for the upcoming hardware, that´s it. useless otherwise.

17-Jul-09 11:29 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

Wait though... in the original video they said it would be a VST & RTAS plug-in. Is this now not the case? Can't find anything about it in the product spec on the web site.

What I also don't see is any MIDI control support for the pads or transport controls so you're effectively stuck with a computer keyboard or the hardware unit to program it.

Agree that its too expensive with all the other software out there that is much better featured for the price point.

Make it a cheaper, MIDI controllable plug-in or give it away free as an enticement to buy the hardware unit.

19-Jul-09 04:45 PM

Trus1te    Said...

I think they are ridiculous, but they are giving you a voucher for 100% of the price of the plug-in should you want to buy their hardware product.

Now, it definitely needs further development, but if you are enthused by the product idea this gives you a chance to see if this is really something you want so spend what will probably be at least $1200.

If they never develop VST or RTAS support then I will agree that it is a huge hunk o' junk

23-Jul-09 07:48 AM    Said...

The software is standalone but the update will allow for vst plugin operation as well as a few other things.

I have the software already and it's a decent program. I have my midi controller hooked up so you don't need to use the computer keys.

However, I don't know about the midi mapping options, like mapping controls and such, I haven't found out about that yet.

The software is a capable instrument all by itself, but it's also going to be dope to use with the hardware.

yeah, I'm a fan...

06-Aug-09 12:18 PM

thaishh    Said...

Hunk o junk??? I guess you aint heard the beats it makes... All you tech nerds more concerned with funtions and specs than the music you make.....It can have all the specs and functions in the world but if it dont bang then it aint nothing..... I have Logic and a Fantom and an MPC and this lil "hunk of Junk" is murdering the beats i made using all that stuff.....

People trip me out how they run they mouth before they try something....

I HAVE ONE!! I USE it!! Im not just talking from a video or specs!

Plus these dudes are indy!! Buck the system!

15-Aug-09 04:26 PM

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