Michael Jackson's Studio Secrets

Grammy winning engineer Bruce Swedien spills the beans in a new book      24/07/09
Michael Jackson's Studio Secrets

Hal Leonard have announced a new softcover book - In the Studio with Michael Jackson by Bruce Swedien. Here's what they have to say about it...
No one was closer to Michael Jackson at the height of his creative powers than Bruce Swedien, the five-time Grammy winner who, with Jackson and producer Quincy Jones, formed the trio responsible for the sound of Jackson's records – records that topped the charts and shook the world.
Friend, co-creator, and colleague, Bruce Swedien was a seasoned recording engineer–plucked from a job at legendary Universal Audio in Chicago – when he began working with Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones on the soundtrack to The Wiz, and he was the master technician who gave the records their sound as the trio progressed to Jackson's greatest triumphs, Off the Wall and the iconic, history-making Thriller, which revolutionized music and video and fixed Jackson in culture as the King of Pop. In the Studio with Michael Jackson is the chronicle of those times, when everything was about the music, the magic, and the amazing talent of a man who changed the face of pop music – and culture – forever. In his laid-back style, Bruce Swedien offers anecdotes about being part of Quincy Jones' extended "family" and reveals the technical details of creating Michael Jackson's biggest-selling albums, as well as Bad, Dangerous, and HIStory.
Including over 100 photos, In the Studio with Michael Jackson provides an insider's look that will thrill anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of hit making and the history of some of America's most influential music.
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    sebastian    Said...

    funny how everyone wants a piece of the jackson cake...boooo

    24-Jul-09 11:37 AM

    CV!    Said...

    Swieden didn't wait for MJ's death though, he revealed many secrets on Gearslutz already.

    24-Jul-09 12:36 PM

    Champ    Said...


    This book was already done before the dead of MJ It was just delayed so stop with your stupid accusations

    24-Jul-09 03:19 PM

    jessej    Said...

    Agreed, Bruce Swieden is a sweet person. Please don't accuse him of something like that. From all the tips and tricks about the thriller sessions I've read on gearslutz, I think the book should be a good buy.

    25-Jul-09 06:48 PM

    W0rdslutz    Said...

    It always kills me how this site speaks. Example: "Hal Leonard have announced..." That would be "Hal Leonard has announced" if Hal Leonard is in fact 1 guy. Even so, if we say "Steinberg have" it's still wrong because they are a single entity.

    26-Jul-09 04:36 AM

    Anig Browl    Said...

    w0rdslutz - what can you expect from a site incapable of anything more than cutting and pasting press releases?

    Asking them to come up with two original sentences in a row might induce a cerebral hemorrhage. Oh well, illiterate people need jobs too.

    26-Jul-09 07:44 PM

    Nick B    Said...

    ah bless you Anig, your comments I'm sure will inspire us to do better.

    27-Jul-09 04:41 PM

    Jack    Said...

    Anig you surely luuuuuv the cock. i know so immature, but who cares when you made such a stupid comment.

    28-Jul-09 09:22 AM

    THE MASTER    Said...



    30-Jul-09 12:26 PM

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