EMT Reverb For UAD-2

Universal Audio announces the MT 250 classic reverb powered plug-in for the UAD-2 platform      13/08/09

EMT Reverb For UAD-2

Universal Audio have announced the release of the EMT 250 Classic Electronic Reverberator Powered Plug-In for their line of UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Cards for Mac and PC. Here's all the details that they have sent us...
Introduced in 1976, the EMT 250's distinctive clear and open reverb sound has appeared on countless records, including Prince & The Revolution's Purple Rain, Elvis Costello's Spike, and modern classics like The Red Hot Chili Pepper's Stadium Arcadium. Re-engineered by Universal Audio alongside EMT 250 creator Dr. Barry Blesser -- and fully endorsed by EMT Studiotechnik GmbH -- the EMT 250 Powered Plug-In goes beyond emulation by using the very same algorithm found in these extremely rare units.
EMT 250 Powered Plug-In features include:
  • Faithful recreation of the EMT 250, widely considered one of the best-sounding reverbs ever built
  • Very same algorithm found in the original unit, repurposed for plug-in use in conjunction with EMT 250 designer Dr. Barry Blesser
  • Modeled from Allen Sides' EMT 250 "golden unit" at Ocean Way Recording
  • Additional EMT 250 effects include: Delay, Phasing, Chorus, Echo, and Space
  • Fully endorsed by EMT Studiotechnik GmbH as the world's only authentic emulation
"EMT is certainly excited to partner with Universal Audio; I am confident our endorsement of UA's emulations of EMT's well-loved classic audio processors will bring both companies great success," said EMT's President, Jules Limon. "It's very inspiring to see a team like UA's take such a keen interest in accurately recreating the devices of the past with their scientific approach to digital signal processing."
"EMT's impact on the way records are made is right up there with the Neumanns and Studers of the world," commented Universal Audio President Matt Ward. "Their reverbs, both analog and digital, are still among the most prized and protected possessions a quality studio can have... So EMT's endorsement of our Powered Plug-In is truly an honor."
The EMT 250 Powered Plug-In is available as part of the new UAD software version 5.4.0 release. In addition to the FATSO Jr. & Sr. Analog Tape Simulator, EMT 250 Classic Electronic Reverberator, and Neve 31102 Console EQ plug-ins, UAD software v5.4.0 provides significant RTAS improvements for Pro Tools, integrated support for the new UAD-2 SOLO/Laptop, and enhancements for Windows-based UAD users.
Pricing and Availability:
EMT 250vailable for purchase via UA's Online Store for $249.
UAD Software version 5.4.0 is available for free download by users worldwide.
More information:

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