SADiE Without The Hardware

Prism Sound unveils new application-based SADiE software products      01/09/09

SADiE Without The Hardware

Just 18 months after acquiring the SADiE brand, Prism Sound has broken with tradition by introducing a series of SADiE products that can run as software-only versions. Here's all the details from their press release...
SADiE digital audio workstations have been used for the last 18 years in broadcast, mastering, post-production and music recording applications. Until now SADiE users have needed specific proprietary hardware to run their systems but with the new SADiE packages, users can access all the speed, power and flexibility of SADiE on any computer running Microsoft Windows with ASIO compatible audio hardware, as well as existing SADiE5 hardware platforms.
The new products are application based and are focusing on the core SADiE expertise of Radio Production, TV/Film Post, Mastering, Archiving & Restoration, and high-level Sound Design. With no dedicated hardware requirements, the product range will certainly be more cost effective, taking take the SADiE brand, reputation and advantages into new markets. The extended compatibility will also significantly reinforce its appeal to professional users around the world.
Jody Thorne, Sales and Marketing Manager for Prism Sound, says: "The decision to launch a native software solution was driven by key customers, including the BBC, Radio France, YLE (Finland) and other SADiE-based international broadcasters, who are extremely keen to use SADiE as the craft editor into the future, but for support reasons have been pressured by their respective IT infrastructures to use native rather than proprietary hardware. By going native, we are opening up the market for SADiE much further and making it far easier for more audio professionals to benefit from our technology. It also opens doors further into the educational world as a software based version of SADiE gives students and educational establishments a far more cost-effective entry point. This is a major development for the brand and one that we feel the market will fully endorse."
The new SADiE range will be officially launched at IBC 2009. Prism Sound will demo the new systems at the show, where they can be found at Stands 8.E98 and 8.E96.
Key Sadie features are:
  • Rendering Free Editing Environment
  • Precision editing to sample accuracy
  • Instant Real-time Cross-fade Engine
  • Advanced Work-flow Solutions:
  • Multiple Playlists
  • Non-Destructive Editing
  • Radio Automation integration
  • Edit Whilst Recording
  • Real-Time Waveform Drawing During Record
  • Powerful Editing Features:
  • Playlist Editor
  • Sadie Trim Editor
  • Regions Editor
  • 3 & 4-Point Editing
  • Creative Mixing:
  • Real-Time Mixing Engine
  • Fully Customisable Mixer
  • DSP Pre-Loaded: EQ, Dynamics, M/S Decoder, Aux Sends, Width Control
  • Full Automation and Automation Editing
  • Full automation of faders and processes
  • VST and DirectX support
  • Optional Cedar Audio Restoration Tools
Pricing and Availability:
More information:

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