Sling Your Synth Over Your Shoulder

Roland ships the AX-Synth Shoulder Synth for the performing keyboardist      01/09/09
Sling Your Synth Over Your Shoulder

Roland has announced general availability of the AX-Synth Shoulder Synth, the first of the AX-Series to offer an onboard sound engine featuring a collection of the best of Roland's synth sounds. Here's what roland have to say about it...
Created with the art of performance in mind, the AX-Synth allows keyboardists to connect with their audience as guitarists and singers do. Real-time controls such as the Ribbon, Modulation Bar, D BEAM, and aftertouch knob controllers give musicians the ability to perform memorable and expressive solos. When wearing the battery-powered and wireless AX-Synth, keyboardists can create kinetic musical performances, moving freely around the stage without any encumbering wires or cables.
The AX-Synth features 49 velocity-sensitive keys and is the first shoulder keyboard to include a 128-voice polyphonic sound engine with 256 distinct tones accessible from eight bank buttons, plus a collection of ultra-expressive sounds generated by Roland's SuperNATURAL sound engine. The AX-Synth also includes an easy-to-use software editor/librarian for designing and storing user-created sounds.
"We have been looking forward to bringing back the AX-Series in style, and the AX-Synth is it," says Vince LaDuca, Product Marketing Manager. "Not only will the keyboardist be able to get out from behind their rack onstage, they will also have the finest Roland sounds at their fingertips with the onboard sound engine."
Pricing and Availability:
The AX-Synth is now shipping with an MSRP of $1,349.00. More information:


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    Rob    Said...

    also: whenever a keyboardist gets away from his rig, he needs cheesy sounds to go with this look. (wig not included)

    01-Sep-09 11:39 AM

    S R Dhain    Said...

    bloody 'ell..these are shipping now?! I thought they'd been available for months?

    Jan Hammer...where are you, dude? ;-)

    01-Sep-09 07:34 PM

    Colin    Said...

    Why can't we just call it a keytar and not lie Roland? A keytar by any other name smells just as cheesy.

    01-Sep-09 08:16 PM

    Dizzy Dave    Said...

    It's just a way for a keyboard player to step out. I actually use my AX7 in a country band with a Juno-G supplying the sounds. It's fun to play, and an attention-getter. As long as you're okay with non-weighted keys, and get used to the response, it's a valid musical instrument, cheese or not.

    02-Sep-09 03:10 PM

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