New iPhone App Lets You Share Your T-Pain

Now You Can Cover I'm N Luv And Share It On Facebook      04/09/09

Have you been lying awake at night lately, thinking big thoughts.....

Like...."Dang! When's T-Pain going to release an iPhone app, so I can record my own cover of I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper) and share it with my Friends on Facebook?"

If that sounds like you, you'll be happy to know that Smule, the developers behind a Ocarina and Leaf Trombone for the iPhone, have released a new app, I Am T-Pain.

I Am T-Pain puts AutoTune on the iPhone, along with a collection of beats and T-Pain tracks. It lets you record your own take on I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper) and other T-Pain hits and then share your cover on Facebook, MySpace or via email.

If, on the other hand, you think the world needs more T-Pain wannabe's like it needs more loose nukes, greenhouse gases and G.I.L.F. t-shirts, consider yourself warned.

I Am T-Pain uses real AutoTune software. It's got built-in wireless social media file sharing. And it's going to benefit from all the AutoTune hype.

In other words - it's going to sell like hotcakes.

What do you think about the I Am T-Pain iPhone app? Did Smule just make it trivial for you to try out some sophisticated audio processing software? Or are you more concerned about getting sent T-Pain covers from your Facebook Friends?


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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fight mp3    Said...

there are several things that made me smile.

Like the SMULE rep talking about 'responsibility' like he cares. ;)

or this one: 'try out some sophisticated audio processing software?' quote I have many words to tag Autotune with, but 'sophisticated' s none of them.

Are there people actually PAY for this? WOW.

Well I definately will not support someone wearing a stupid hat like that.

04-Sep-09 02:27 AM

krolek    Said...

this app looks like it is so fun to play with. i like that you can just play like you are tpain or freestyle.

@fight--do you know how to have fun at all? under $3 to play with autotune that costs $400 for a full version? it is fun and has creativity potential.

04-Sep-09 02:46 AM

fight mp3    Said...

sorry did you actually SEE the video? you have to BUY the seperate tracks, obviously.

Sure you can be creative, if you want to sound like you squeeze your family marbles.

I sure know how to have fun. But I like to play with Kitties not with Sissies.

And Just for the book: I have Melodyne.

04-Sep-09 09:35 AM

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