Behringer Aim For A New Identity

New website is the first step in company's reinvention of online presence      07/09/09
Behringer Aim For A New Identity

After months of hard work from a 9-person development team, Behringer have been in touch to tell us that they have launched a dramatically upgraded website today. Here's what they have to say about it...
Sporting an elegant, efficient aesthetic and an intuitive interface, the new site boasts a feature-rich series of upgrades including:
  • Immediate access to new product pages directly from the homepage
  • Totally renovated product pages with ready access to high-resolution product images and manuals
  • Rewritten and revised downloadable product brochures on many products, supported by a handsome and intuitive feature icon set
  • Improved site search engine (with suggestions)
  • New global service center locator allows end-users to easily find authorized BEHRINGER repair centers anywhere on Earth
  • An enriched "company history" section
BEHRINGER's development and launch of this site is the first step in what will be a broad re-branding initiative. Continued efforts will focus on BEHRINGER's active participation in online social media platforms--plus a few surprises! BEHRINGER is proud to bring this project to the light of day in an effort to better serve its dealers and end-users--rest assured, this step is the first of many more that are planned.
Further developments to the site are planned as well, and will be announced upon their deployment.
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    Matt_C    Said...

    As CDM mentions, it kind of looks like the Apple site doesn't it?

    07-Sep-09 02:47 AM

    Nick B    Said...

    I must say I thought it would be similar after hearing about it, but it's actually identical.

    I guess it means they will get a load of hits as people see for themselves though..

    07-Sep-09 04:41 AM

    I Don't Like Music    Said...

    Maybe Apple purchased Behringer. Maybe Behringer gear will no longer work with PC. Maybe no one will notice. Or care.

    07-Sep-09 02:43 PM

    aymat    Said...

    Im not surprised. Its a fairly typical move from a company that is well known to "borrow" ideas from other companies.

    09-Sep-09 02:48 AM

    Cerebral Infect    Said...

    Reminds me of Native Instruments website too.

    Well Apple and NI have great sites.

    Now Behringer just have to revamp the industrial design side of their products themselve. But please don't copy Roland hardware design scheme.

    09-Sep-09 10:08 PM

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