Kiss 15 Minutes Of Your Life Goodbye

Online Matrix Synthesizer May Hypnotize You      11/09/09

Hobnox has created a new site, inudge, that offers a highly addictive browser-based matrix synthesizer that you can embed in your site, like the example above, or email to friends.

Did I say it was highly addictive? And viral?

You've been warned.....

via Oliver Chesler


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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Karplus    Said...

15 minutes is a really low estimate. I hope he has a good bandwidth.

11-Sep-09 06:07 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

Must....close..... browser...

Tenori-on for the masses. Nearly as good as the Korg DS-10 (but not quite).


11-Sep-09 07:10 AM

sMatt    Said...

Guvnor -

"Must....close..... browser..." - so true!

It amazing what you can do in a web browser now.

11-Sep-09 10:30 AM

jasonmd2020    Said...

My laptop is patched thru my DJ mixer & I just ran it thru a beat synced filer lfo & echo. Instant Orb!

11-Sep-09 04:01 PM

Shreddie    Said...

Only 15 minutes? You're going to love this one!

I lost over 4 hours here...

Quite possibly the most fun I've ever had online!

12-Sep-09 02:08 AM

raphus    Said...

Somebody remind me to eat later on, OK?

12-Sep-09 08:20 PM

mother    Said...

i got three windows synced so i could mix between different beats and a wild stereo mix.

14-Sep-09 01:21 AM

VCF    Said...

So much fun!

20-Sep-09 01:59 PM

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