New Snares For BFD2

BFD Signature Snares Vol.1 features a collection of Yamaha artist signature snares      11/09/09

New Snares For BFD2

FXpansion has announced a collection of Yamaha artist signature snares for the BFD2 library. Here's all the details from them...
With the usual high levels of detail, multiple channels and multiple articulations, BFD Signature Snares Vol.1 is ready for you to sequence and mix using BFD 2.1's powerful software interface.
The snares are captured in the same room as the previous Yamaha expansion kits and the Jazz & Funk, Percussion and B.O.M.B expansion packs, in Omega Studios, Rockville, MD, USA. The tight, precise and very playable sound makes them sound great when combined with any kit-pieces in the BFD library.
BFD v2.1's support for custom articulations allows these snares to offer 'rim clicks' in addition to the standard snare articulations, as well as positional sensing when used with electronic drums.
Roy Haynes Signature Snare Drum (14" x 5.5")
The sound of jazz great Roy Haynes is embodied in this hand-hammered copper shell snare. With a versatile, refined tone, the snare is recorded with sticks and brushes, as well as using mallets with the snare strainer off.
Played with:
  • Sticks (strainer on and off)
  • Brushes (strainer on and off)
  • Mallets (strainer off)
Bamboo Snare Drum (14" x 6.5")
Paper-thin sheets of bamboo are used to create single plies, six of which are used to form perfectly round shells with Yamaha's original "Air-Seal System". The result is a remarkably beautiful shell that produces a warm tone full of low-end.
Played with:
  • Sticks (strainer off)
FHP (fibreglass) Snare Drum (14" x 6")
A precursor to the FRP range, the FHP's fibreglass material permits the utilisation of thinner 3mm shells, which deliver a fat, dynamic sound with excellent playing response. The FHP uses the same material used in making Yamaha marimbas, xylophones, and tympanis.
Played with:
  • Sticks (strainer on and off)
  • Hot rods (strainer on and off)
Dave Weckl Signature Model (14" x 5")
One of a series of Dave Weckl signature snares featuring a dual-strainer design, this steel-shell model possesses a unique sound and 'crack'.
Played with:
  • Sticks (strainer on)
  • Brushes (strainer on)
Mike Bordin Signature Model (14" x 6.5")
With a partially hand-hammered 2mm copper shell, this snare features a thick, dark tone. With the power to cut through loud mixes, the snare also exudes enough warmth and sensitivity for almost any musical application.
Played with:
  • Sticks (strainer on)
Pricing and Availability:
BFD Signature Snares Vol.1 is a download-only product and is available now for GBP £35, Euro €49, USD $70
More information:

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