Multipurpose Synth With Layered Architecture

D16 Group announce Shioitor      18/09/09
Multipurpose Synth With Layered Architecture

D16 Group have announced Shioitor, a new multipurpose virtual synth with multilayer structure. Here's what they have to say about it...
Shioitor is a revolution in sound within the plugin market. Its authentic analogue character and extensive software features will fulfil the needs of the most demanding musicians and sound designers who use synthesisers in their work.
Since it uses a layered architecture, Shioitor has endless sound shaping possibilities. Each layer can be freely assigned to any midi channel or keyboard zone. Its audio output can be routed to any of the available audio outputs. Layers can either be used to create a single massive sound (where all layers respond to a single midi channel and a single keyboard zone) or to create many different timbres (where each layer plays a sound on a different midi channel). Using Shioitor to play a different sound on each midi channel allows Shioitor to work very efficiently as it saves memory and CPU compared to loading in multiple instances of the plugin for each sound.
Shioitor can work as either a monophonic synthesiser or a polyphonic synthesiser, where each layer can play up to 16 voices of polyphony (dependent on CPU of host computer). These settings are independent for each layer. Also, each layer can have its own independently controlled arpeggiator. In both play modes (mono/poly), it is possible to turn on a Unison mode with tweakable parameters for spread, filter cut-off frequency, panorama and tune. Unison mode will use up polyphony. However, it allows the creating of bigger more defined sounds.
Shioitor also has a built in chorus effect. This can be used instead of Unison mode to fatten a sound or it can be used with Unison mode enabled to create much bigger richer sounds. The chorus effect was modelled on classic analogue units, the same type found on old synthesisers. The chorus setting have been reduced to a few parameters with discrete values to make it easier and faster to use.
Shioitor is also equipped with an excellent Preset Manager tool which organises presets into groups. It also has a Timbre Manager which allows searching for layers and arpeggiator sequences within presets. Shioitor comes with a huge library of presets created by famous artists. This allows users to get up and running quickly. However, for those who love to experiment and create their own sounds, Shioitor will keep them busy for many hours as they become lost in its incredible array of sonic possibilities!
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    CD    Said...

    Nice, a SH-101 plugin!

    18-Sep-09 06:13 AM

    Mick    Said...

    Perhaps a focus group might have helped with this one, try saying Shiotor with an Oirish accent and it might reveal a slight unpleasantness

    18-Sep-09 03:33 PM

    m-clis    Said...

    MAN!!! I hope it'll sound as it looks!

    19-Sep-09 10:20 AM

    SammyJames    Said...

    I like the layered approach. I also like d16 stuff. I've yet to pick up their great Drumazon, but I'm hoping to purchase it soon.

    The only problem that I have with this synth is that -- once again -- we are greeted by an array of KNOBS. When will software companies understand that knobs are practically useless for mouse input? All digital systems move in steps -- and not analagously -- as do analog systems. IT DRIVES ME NUTS.

    19-Sep-09 09:47 PM

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