Lily Allen Starts Anti File-Sharing Blog

Gets Help From 50 Cent, Keane, Matt Bellamy And Others      22/09/09

Lily Allen Starts Anti File-Sharing Blog

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Here's an update on our recent post about Lily Allen taking a stance against music file-sharing.

Allen has now started a blog, titled It's Not Alright, to continue her anti-piracy campaign. In a recent post, Allen explains why she started the blog:

The majority of British artists are against file sharing, because it will harm British music. We can talk about all the legal means of accessing music out there and even come up with new ways to access music, but ultimately we need to establish that we think file sharing is wrong.

In order to do this, she's enlisted the help of musicians like Matt Bellamy from Muse, Tim Rice Oxley from Keane, 50 Cent and others.

Allen's site isn't a particularly inviting blog, using a default blog template and minimal photos, but it does a good job of presenting the case against music file sharing.


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