Steinberg Intros Synthesizer Sound Library

VST Sound Instrument Set - Synthesizers      26/09/09
Steinberg Intros Synthesizer Sound Library

Steinberg has introduced VST Sound Instrument Set Synthesizers for HALion ONE. 


The set offers content in the styles of the ’80s, electro and ambient together with the latest trance, techno and minimal electro sounds, letting you produce studio-quality projects quicker than ever before.


  • More than 140 VST3 sound presets
  • Over 350 MIDI loops
  • Arranged in easy-to-use categorized construction kits
  • Exclusively available as a download (less than 400 MB)
  • Compatible with Cubase 5, Cubase Studio 5, Cubase Essential 5, Cubase 4.5, Cubase Studio 4.5, Sequel 2 and Nuendo 4.2 with NEK
  • Windows and Mac installer included

Pricing and Availability

VST Sound Instrument Set Synthesizers is available now for US $29.


James Lewin
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