Designer Brings Jazz Inprov Sensibility To His Unique Sonic Art

Reclaims Junk And Recycles It Into Art Pieces      05/10/09

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Mikal Hameed, aka m11x, is a designer that brings the sensibilities of jazz improvisation to designing sonic art pieces.

Hameed transforms reclaimed office chairs and stereo equipment and turns it into functional sound art.

Hameed explains:

I am working with these materials out of necessity. It is easier for me to use found objects for what I build because at the end of the day I am creating pretty expensive stuff. By using found objects I am still able to execute my vision and keep it cost effective. And, I feel like I am helping out at the same time; people are throwing this stuff away, and I am retrieving it and making it into something else. A lot of people out there think that if the chair is missing a button, it is ruined, and get rid of it. That’s where I come in.

See the links, below, for more info on Hameed and his work.


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