The Black Box Ambient Noise Machine

Like The Buddha Box, Except Evil      12/10/09

The Black Box Ambient Noise Machine

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Net label FSS ( has released a new ambient noise machine, The Black Box, that's like the Buddha Box, except evil.

The Black Box is a portable, battery powered tombstone-shaped soundbox. You can control the volume, select the track or allow a looped track to play as long as you like. Each miniature monolith is powered by two AA batteries (which are not included).

Instead of playing soothing sounds, it plays abrasive industrial noises, dark ambiences or disturbing self-help mantras, like "Today, I will not kill myself".

Each box is packaged individually. An edition of 2000 boxes have been manufactured.

"Guaranteed to keep unwanted relatives and solicitors kilometres away from your door," according to FSS.


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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