Podcast: Sonic TALK150 - Brahms And Liszt

Discontinued products, client problems, Wilson on Gershwin and Dre laptop      15/10/09

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67:24 mins

Celebration time is here again, and helping - wait no, ensuring I do is Dave Spiers  from GForce Software, who has popped down to Sonic Towers with a bottle of bubbly to lubricate the wheels - which indeed they did. Also with me this week is Rich Hilton  - top flight producer, engineer and player - who is just off to Buenos Aires for a Chic gig, PJ Tracy  - back after a break to be interviewed on TV about his latest film and music project, Mark Tinley  sound artist and creative thinker is also with us from the UK.

Another great live attendence week  - thanks to all who  join us and do the chat thing while we stream - its always great fun.

Many thanks to all of you who have sent congratulations and good wishes for this 150th episode, it's much appreciated. And a big shout out to Akai Pete who sorted out our new chatroom and security - thanks mate!

After extended hellos and jolly japery, we start with the brilliant animation of the jobbing mastering engineer managing the expectations of a client - which takes us on to a round of simillar stories from our panel. Then we're on to discontinued products and what the panel miss, Nick recounts his Joseph experiences and we discuss the technology of musicals a little, we then marvel at the news that Brian Wilson is to work on the unfinished songs of George Gershwin. We finish on the news of the new HP Envy Beats 15 laptop from Dr Dre, Will.i.AM and Jimmy Iovine which is part of a campaign to improve the audio quality in computers.

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Marc JX8P    Said...

Great show guys! It was nice to be able to join in the chatroom for the 150th podcast recording and I'm looking forward to hearing which parts you thought best to edit from the recording! :-) Now on to number 200 which I hope will be a video podcast again...

15-Oct-09 08:01 AM

Nick Bq    Said...

Hey Marc, nice to have you along.

15-Oct-09 10:53 AM

Robbie Ryan (I love analogue)    Said...

Thanks for the shout-out gang and the encouragement.

I do spell analogue the British way, so it's actually http://iloveanalogue.blogspot.com


15-Oct-09 01:01 PM

RedWalks    Said...

Hey Nick, thx for the nice show and the plug of course :D TBH I was happy to take part since I was on duty but luckily no med emergencies were on! Originally there was a much more sophisticated plugo planned but since Guru seems to be lost in the outback I had to move my bum myself...for me the lofi sound is acceptable but I´m sorry for the pic quality - but at least there`s some space for improvement left.. Cya!!

15-Oct-09 03:02 PM

Nick B    Said...

Red, I really like the autozoom and panning adjustments, I think that would be a cool feature in a camera - what do you use?

It makes it seem more alive and sort of candid somehow

15-Oct-09 04:43 PM

RedWalks    Said...

Hahah Nick ur funny...thats just the autofocus at macro settings (Sony DSC W557.2mp) it refocusses all the time A) when my hand comes into frame and B) also when there are missing horizontal and vertical lines. In the final edit some parts needed to be speeded up just to increase the dramatic flow it may occur to u like this...lol !

16-Oct-09 08:33 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Well, I just relistened to the podcast (it's amazing how different listening to the podcast is compared to when you listen to it live, because of all the typing in the chat window it's a wholly different experience) and it confirms my first impression that this was a great show again - as well as that listening to the show before certain stuff gets cut out can be quite interesting! :-)

16-Oct-09 04:17 PM

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