Blue Microphones Launches New Series Of Live Mics

enCORE 100, 200 and 300 models are announced      16/10/09

Blue Microphones Launches New Series Of Live Mics

Blue Microphones has launched enCORE, a new series of microphones that they say brings their heritage of high-quality studio microphones to the stage. They tell us that enCORE 100, 200, and 300 models are designed and priced for any live application, from the rehearsal space and coffee shop to the auditorium and stadium: Here's the full story in their own words...
Blue's entry into the live microphone market brings modern microphone technology with a proven track record in professional studio recording and combines it with a rugged build, individual style, and quality components to help vocalists and musicians sound and look their best on stage.
The new enCORE series microphones are the result of years of research designed to bring Blue's legendary studio sound to the stage, starting with their exclusive Aria Capsule. Every element of the Aria Capsule is precisely matched and tuned to achieve a detailed and clear sound. To protect the capsule, the enCORE Series feature the thickest steel grills on the market along with an oversized reinforcement ring. Further adding to their ruggedness are heavy, precision-machined cast-zinc bodies, which have been tested to perform uniformly after dropping, throwing, and even being run over by a 7-ton truck.
When asked about the new enCORE line, Skipper Wise, one of the founders of Blue Microphones said, "We've always focused our microphones on the artist and their needs and applications. It's only natural that we would follow them out of the studio and on the road with a product that will give them that great Blue sound every night on stage."
The enCORE 100 is a studio-grade dynamic microphone featuring Blue's custom-tuned Aria dynamic capsule. This is a go anywhere, do anything mic that offers vocalists and musicians great versatility and value as well as the unique style Blue is renowned for in a rugged package.
The enCORE 200 adds Blue's Active Dynamic circuitry and output transformer, coupling the ruggedness and high SPL handling of a dynamic mic with the consistency and low noise of a phantom powered mic. This best of both worlds approach builds upon a proven Blue technology first made popular by the company's Ball Series microphones.
The enCORE 300 is the flagship of the series and offers vocalists uncompromised performance featuring a hand-selected Blue ARIA condenser capsule with a matched pre-amp and phantom power circuit, a tuned enclosure, and Blue's proprietary reinforced chassis, which controls airflow around the capsule for unparalleled vocal control and a natural, open sound, no matter how the artist holds the microphone.
enCORE microphones recently made their professional stage debut and are already the mic of choice in notable music clubs such as The Highline Ballroom, The Viper Room and The Troubadour in Los Angeles.
About Blue Microphones
Headquartered in Westlake Village, California, Blue Microphones is commonly referenced as "the microphone company of today" because of their unique philosophy-- to meld the lessons of the past with the technology of today, leading to continuous innovation in the field of audio recording. In short, Blue does not imitate the past-- they improve upon it. Blue produces an award-winning line of professional microphones and accessories in addition to an exciting line of products targeted at the consumer mass market, including Mikey, a recording device made for the iPod, Snowball, the renowned USB microphone, and Eyeball, the world's first webcam with HD audio and video.
Pricing and Availability:
The enCORE 100 and 200 microphones will be available at authorized music retailers in October 2009.
The enCORE 300 will be available in late 2009.
enCORE 100 99€, enCORE 200 149€, enCORE 300 199€
More information:

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