How To Manufacture A Sexy Pop Star

Take One 45 Year Old Songwriter, Add A 17 Year Old Model, And Produce      18/10/09

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If you're not a bit jaded about the music industry, this video can fix that in about five minutes.

It takes a look at how to manufacturer a sexy pop star. Take one 45 year-old songwriter, get a sexy 17 year-old model and add in some production. They don't call it "production" for nothing do they?

This segment comes from a fantastic documentary, Before The Music Dies, that looks at the state of the mainstream music industry. It features interviews with Erykah Badu, Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews, Branford Marsalis, Questlove - and a lot of musicians and music industry professionals that you haven't heard of.

While there's very little in this documentary that's going to be new to someone involved with music, you could still start watching Before The Music Dies anywhere in the film and find it compelling.

You can watch Before The Music Dies for free online (link below) and get more information on the film at the film's site.


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