Everyday Looper Turns iPhone Into A 4-Track Looper

Features Waveform Visualization & Tactile Track Interaction      24/10/09

Everyday Looper Turns iPhone Into A 4-Track Looper

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Mancing Dolecules has introduced Everyday Looper - a 4 track looper for the iPhone, with strong emphasis on waveform visualization, direct track interaction and simplified volume management.

According to the developers, Everyday Looper is intended for guitarists, singers, beatboxers and "sound torturers." (Glad they include me in there.)


  • A "no button" user interface. Tap or swipe on displayed waveforms to play / pause / stop / record / change volume / erase.
  • Auto-normalization of each track to reach their maximum non clipped volume by the swipe of a finger.
  • Master Limiter to not worry about clipping after tracks mixing. • Metronome track generator to create a X clicks at Y BPMs base track.
  • Quantized to loop recording, as an option.
  • Load/Save your loops. Auto-save between sessions.
  • Export them to your computer over WiFi in 44100Hz/16Bits Wav format.
  • Up to 45 seconds of recording for each track.

Note: This app focuses on recording. No pre-recorded samples are included and iPod Touch users will need on external microphone.

Pricing and Availability

Everyday Looper is available now and retails for $3.99.


James Lewin
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