Soniccouture Offers Free Download

Bowed Gamelan is free for anyone who has purchased 3 or more SC products from their new website      06/11/09

Soniccouture Offers Free Download

Soniccouture have been in touch to tell us that their 3rd Exclusive Content release, Bowed Gamelan is only available to Soniccouture customers. It is a free download for any customer who has purchased 3 or more SC products from the new website since August 24th 2009.
Other Exclusive Content products include Devilfish 303 & TubeDrum.
Bowed Gamelan Specifications :
  • Kontakt | EXS | Ableton Live
  • 24 bit 44.1khz Sampling
  • 5 Alternate round robin samples per note
  • Key-off samples
  • Free with 3rd product purchased
Bowed Gamelan is a unique sampled instrument, made by contact-miking a Ugal - one of the principal metallaphones in the gamelan ensemble.
The metal Ugal keys were bowed using a standard cello bow, vertically across the thin edge of the metal. Instead of a conventional microphone, a Trance Audio Trance Inducer contact mic was used. This gives the sound an incredibly detailed, surgical scraping quality. The result is a playable, musical metallic pad - an acoustic synthesizer patch.
Pricing and Availability:
Free download for any customer who has purchased 3 or more SC products from the new website More information:

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