Future Rock Band Video Games MIght Actually Teach You Musical Skills

Dhani Harrison Drops Hints About Rock Band 3      08/11/09

Future Rock Band Video Games MIght Actually Teach You Musical Skills

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The Chicago Tribune's music critic Greg Kot has published an interview with Dhani Harrison, son of George Harrison and a musician in his own right.

In the interview, Harrison talks about how The Beatles Rock Band came to be, and drops a few hints about the future of Rock Band video games.

"I guess I'm accidentally responsible for 'Rock Band' becoming the Beatles digital platform," says Harrison, "but it was a no-brainer. It's really difficult to get the Beatles to agree on anything, but I set up demos for them and Neil Aspinall instantly saw the potential."

"I'm working on 'Rock Band 3' and making the controllers more real so people can actually learn how to play music while playing the game," he says. "Give me a couple years, it's going to happen."

It would be an interesting development if future music video games actually taught useful musical skills. Musical skills seem to be a handicap with the current generation of games.

If developers could hack the games to use actual musical instruments as controllers, things could get really interesting.


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