Mac Step Sequencer Numerology Gets Update

Adds Pitch Glide, Speech Synthesis      10/11/09

Mac Step Sequencer Numerology Gets Update

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Five12 has released v2.2 of Numerology for Mac OS X.

New features include:

  • a Pitch Glide option for easily adding pitch bends to monophonic sequences;
  • access to the OS X speech synthesizer; and
  • expanded support for the Audio Unit plugins Volta from MOTU and Silent Way from Expert Sleepers.

The Pitch Glide feature in Numerology's MonoNote sequencing module lets users easily add pitch bends to acid-style monophonic sequences.

The new speech synthesis option in Numerology 2.2 gives users direct access to OS X's built-in speech synthesizer. Implemented through a new "Speak" option on the Audio Sample module, users can enter the text to be spoken and choose from any of the twenty-four built-in voices in OS X.

Numerology 2.2 adds built-in support for MOTU's Volta and Expert Sleepers' Silent Way by providing expanded audio routing options and direct conversion from Numerology's internal CV signals to the automation inputs of each plugin.

The ability to directly pipe CV signals from Numerology to analog equipment, without the resolution and data-rate limitations of MIDI, expands the compositional options available to analog synthesists.

Pricing and Availability

Numerology 2.2 is available now for $119.


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