MusicLive: Novation Launchpad Up Close

Our first look at the Ableton Live controller      11/11/09

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8:18 mins

Ther buzz surrounding the new Launchpad controller tablet has been deafening at times. The tight integration with Ableton Live  - it was developed in conjunction with the Ableton guys n gals after all, is sweet.

We've published the nuts n bolts of the unit already, but we were able to get some hands on action with Olly Burke.

I must say for a £150/$249 product, it's surprisingly well contstructed, with a solid feel and good, positive button action. One thing I didn't know before this demo, was that pads are NOT velocity sensitive, but there are ways around it.

As well as the integration with Live, the Launchpad also comes equipped with AutoMap which allows MIDI and Key command integration with supported plug-ins.

Shipping now, the Launchpad is in short supply, demand has surpassed expectation, but there are more shipments on the way.


Pricing and Availability
$199.00 at

$199.00 at



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The Guvnor    Said...

Love it!

Nice rubbery buttons that have a good tactile feel to them and the LEDs are surprisingly bright which didnt seem to be conveyed in the video or others I have seen.

I didn't think much of the bundled version of Live and it wasn't able to (Ableto ? Ableton?) use complex warped clips. Still, a good freebie.

Works excellent with Live 8 also.

All thats required now is an Abletenuri-on Max For Live instrument :)

11-Nov-09 10:01 AM

T piper    Said...

I Love it Check out the Video Here

And Launchpad/Ableton owners Showcase you Videos at this Vimeo Group

11-Nov-09 05:08 PM

Justin K    Said...

As much as I like pads.

How the F, if you had every pad triggering something, is anyone going to remember all that?

12-Nov-09 12:35 PM

Velocipede    Said...

Lack of velocity sensitivity is a feature. Now I understand! Seriously, as long as they are up front about it. Novation does not need to apologize at that price point. Looking forward to the MKII version with velocity sensitivity for those few musicians who might use such an option.

12-Nov-09 06:03 PM

flux302    Said...

not being velocity sensitive is good? um ok.

15-Nov-09 01:07 AM

evolvetek    Said...

You misunderstood Velocipede, flux302. Read his post more carefully.

It's a massive relief to learn that the MKII version will include velocity sensitivity. This is imperative for any real musician.

23-Nov-09 11:14 PM

evolvetek    Said...

And I just realized I misunderstood Velocipede as well. You were referring to a completely different controller.


I was actually excited about this device. Without velocity sensitivity in SOME form (make some of the pads velsens, or toggleable velsens, or a firmware upgrade, or a new version - READ NOVATION - I AM HAPPY TO PAY FOR IT), this is not something I will be adding to my studio.

The search for the ever-elusive, perfect controller continues.

23-Nov-09 11:21 PM

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