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Klee App Recreates A Popular DIY Sequencer      17/11/09

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This is a short demo of the Defective Records Software Klee software sequencer.

Klee is a software implementation of a popular DIY step sequencer.

In the video, the software is generating MIDI signals that are being routed to Ableton Live. In Live, two software synths are loaded up on two different MIDI channels.

Features of the Klee app include:

  • MIDI output to any hardware or software synths
  • Internal or MIDI clock control
  • 10 preset slots for instant recall of parameters
  • Presets can be saved to and loaded from disk
  • Built-in clock divide capability
  • Synchronous load – loading of pattern happens on clock pulses, and not in between
  • Load on Play feature to allow for loading of pattern each time clock started
  • MIDI-controllable baseline note
  • Custom definable note range allows for alternative scales

Pricing and Availability

Klee is available now for $40.


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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