DIY Analog Drum Machines

The Minimal Andromeda MK-1 & MK-2      20/11/09

Buying Choices

Eric Archer has introduced a pair of DIY "minimal drum machines" based on analog circuitry, the Andromeda MK-1 and the Andromeda MK-2:

  • The Andromeda MK-1 analog drum machine has a minimal sequencer with sixteen preset patterns, selectable by the red switch block.  The pushbutton restarts the patterns.  This feature allows you to shift the timing of the rhythm when synchronized with other Andromeda Space Rockers instruments. The sound of the MK-1 is from a pair of damped sine wave oscillators, which are triggered simultaneously.
  • The Andromeda MK2 analog drum machine also has a minimal sequencer with sixteen preset patterns. The sound of the MK2, though, is from an analog white noise generator.  This noise is filtered by a resonant filter, and the cutoff of the filter is controlled by the photocell on the left side of the unit.

Archer's kits offer a very original take on the idea of a drum machine. Rather than creating a monolithic drum machine that does everything, Archer's approach is more like getting a group of people together that each know a few rhythms. A

And, as the video demonstrates, there are many options for manipulating the output of the drum machines in real time.

Pricing and Availability

The Andromeda MK-1 and MK-2 are available now as DIY kits for $55 each.

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