Virtual Instrument Manufacturers Team Up

SONiVOX announces worldwide distribution of Way Out Ware products      20/11/09

Virtual Instrument Manufacturers Team Up

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Here's the press release that we have been sent...
SONiVOX manufacturer and distributor of award winning virtual instruments and sample libraries, today announced that they have acquired exclusive distribution rights to Way Out Ware's existing product set as well as all future Way Out Ware products.
Way Out Ware, widely known for its faithful recreation & emulation of classic synthesizers, first drew industry wide acclaim in 2004 with their flagship release, "TimewARP 2600," which still is to date the only ARP 2600 virtual instrument emulation to be endorsed by the original ARP 2600 creator Alan R. Pearlman.
SONiVOX will sell and market Way Out Ware's existing products through its worldwide distribution channels as well as collaborate with Way Out Ware on a creative level. Moving forward in this partnership, Way Out Ware will shortly unveil the first of many new innovative products being designed for the computer based musician / producer.
Way Out Ware's current product set, including the TimewARP 2600 and KikAXXE, will be available immediately at as well as from any SONiVOX dealer.
SONiVOX provides a multi-tiered suite of premier sound products that give voice to consumers ranging from professional musicians to over 100 million cellular users worldwide.
For years, SONiVOX, formerly Sonic Implants, has provided leading musicians and composers in the film and television industries with the tools needed to create world-class audio content for chart-topping movie, music and television projects.
Whether it's high-end sound libraries & virtual instruments for leading Hollywood film composers, home-studio musicians, or millions of cell phone users, SONiVOX enjoys a worldwide reputation as a company producing "sound that rocks."
About Way Out Ware:
Way Out Ware has developed a reputation for producing the virtual instruments of uncompromised audio quality and functionality. TimewARP 2600 and KikAXXE are in common use by some of the best-known artists in the world, as well as by many Hollywood film composers and analog synth enthusiasts.
Way Out Ware's mission is to make tools for musicians and composers that deliver the best possible quality for an affordable price.
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