NovaKill Releases Free NitrousPM Synth For Windows

Part Of A Planned Trilogy Of Synths      01/12/09

NovaKill Releases Free NitrousPM Synth For Windows

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Novakill has released NitrousPM, a free virtual synthesizer for Windows.

NitrousPM is part of an ambitious planned trilogy of synths that will comine to form one all-powerful mega-synth.

According to NovaKill:

NitrousPM features a new oscillator that combines excellent sound quality with with phase modulation and hard sync, for a righ, civerse sonic palette. It has a new style of unison, offering single voice, 3 voice and 5 voice modes individually for each of the two oscillators. It is simple to use, but deceptively full-featured and very powerful.


James Lewin
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