Free Pattern-Trigger Plug In For Max For Live

Create Rhythmic Patterns Based On MIDI Input      12/12/09

Free Pattern-Trigger Plug In For Max For Live

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Ableton Live guru Matthew Davidson has released a free pattern-trigger plugin for Max For Live, Redsoe.

Here's what Davidson has to say about Redsoe:

Redsoe is a pattern-trigger plug in that acts upon a MIDI input. There are 16 steps and you can create rhythmic patterns by enabling or disabling specific steps.

Things start to get a bit more musical-sounding when you adjust the velocity and duration of specific steps. Choose a patch with a short decay so you can hear the effect of the duration multiplier. A value of 1.0 = 100% duration of step value. A value of 0.50 = 50% of the step value. Be aware values over 1.0 may cut off subsequent steps. You can use the 'set all' section to set the values of all steps at once.

See Davidson's site, The Stretta Procedure, for details and to download.


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