Colorize Your Sound Instantly

Mildon Studios introduces HUE-X VST plug-in with 10 easy faders for controlling different characteristics of the sound      16/12/09

Colorize Your Sound Instantly

Here's what Mildon Studios have to say...
HUE-X is the EQ that lets you colorize your sound instantly and easily. If you know what you want to hear, then it's hard to go wrong with this plug-in. HUE-X gives you 10 easy faders for controlling different characteristics of the sound such as Depth, Boom, Fullness, Warmth, Body, Clarity, Sheen, Brightness, Sparkle, and the newest addition: Punch.
This new successor of the EQ9 and EQONE uses subtle compression to let you boost away without much distortion. It also has a new sound pulse display to help you visualize how each fader affects your sound.
Pricing and Availability:
Buy from December 15 to December 31, 2009 to get LEMONSTRUM 3 for free More information:

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