Loopmasters Announces Ableton Live Intro Competition

They're Giving Away 10 Copies Of Ableton Live Intro      16/12/09

Loopmasters Announces Ableton Live Intro Competition

Buying Choices

Loopmasters has announced that they're giving away 10 copies of Ableton Live Intro

Here's the scoop on the contest, from Loopmasters:

We'll be randomly drawing from those of you to answer the following questions correctly:

  • Of the 7GB of sounds Ableton Live Intro comes with, how many GB did Loopmasters provide? 1, 4 or 7? (Hint, check our blog at
  • http://loopmasters.wordpress.com/ and look for the blog post "Loopmasters in Ableton Live Intro")
  • How many instruments and drum kits in Ableton's Rack format does Ableton Live Intro come with? (Hint, check our Myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/Loopmasters and look for the blog post titled "Loopmasters contributes to Ableton Live Intro")
  • Ableton is offering a free upgrade to Intro for LE users. True or False? (Hint, check our Twitter page at http://twitter.com/Loopmasters)

Winners will also get to choose 5 Loopmasters CDs.

Details at the Loopmasters site.


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