Podcast: Sonic TALK 158 - Vintage Synth Dead Cat Bounce

JamLink, SH-201, Moraz OB, Sampling and RATM      17/12/09

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60:22 mins


We're still on a high after Tara Busch's live performance on the show last week, was a real treat if you missed it check TALK 157 here.
This week our regular guests are back with Mark Tinley - creative thinker and sound artist, Rich Hilton - Grammy winning engineer, producer and player, and Dave Spiers from GForce Software - makers of fine virtual instruments.
We talk this week of JamLink - the hardware long distance jamming solution, Oliver Davis makes the Roland Sh-201 talk, Patrick Moraz's custom Oberhiem and other synth rarities, On The Media's interesting audio essay on Samlping and finally the humorus Rage Against The Machine's attempt to steal UK Xmas No1 spot from X-Factor acts.

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MYsticradio    Said...

you should get into RUSH ........ Geddy Lee has been using state of the art synthesizers for decades. ;mini moogs...... oberheim OBxa;s etc etc...... LEARN MAN LEARN

17-Dec-09 01:00 PM

Nick B    Said...

Mystic - of course your right. I should study

17-Dec-09 05:50 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Interesting show!

18-Dec-09 08:09 AM

Trus1te    Said...

The version that I see up here right now ends @ the segment on Tara Busch (about 4-5 minutes in)

Whats going on!!!

18-Dec-09 09:44 AM

Nick B    Said...

Yikes, not for me, I just went past 22 minutes and it was plying fine.

Anyone else?

18-Dec-09 10:15 AM

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