Could The iTablet Revolutionize Music Making?

Four Reasons Why It Just Might      29/12/09
Could The iTablet Revolutionize Music Making?

Rumors are heating up about an Apple tablet computer - an iTablet.

According to rumors, the iTablet will be a big brother to the iPhone, offering a large multitouch screen, but retaining the iPhone's portability and flexibility as a platform. 

If the rumors pan out, the iTablet could be the biggest news in music in 2010. Here's why.

  • The JazzMutant Lemur has wowed people with its pioneering multitouch interface for music-making, but has had limited adoption because of its price. An iTablet could bring offer similar ergonomic benefits, but at a mass market price.

    Here's an example of the Lemur in action:

  • An iTablet would offer a blank slate for developers, so it could be a synthesizer, an effect, a music game, a control surface, a matrix sequencer or anything else developers come up with.
  • iPhone applications were one of the most interesting music software trends of 2009 - but making music on a device the size of the iPhone is fiddly. A larger Apple touchscreen device could offer the flexibility of the iPhone/iPod touch platform, but in a much more usable format.
  • An iTablet purchase would be easier to justify than some other music gear purchases, because the iTablet would have uses outside the studio, such as acting as an ereader, GPS navigator or as a media player.

While the iTablet sounds exciting, it's still just a rumor. We'll find out if there's anything to these rumors in 2010.

What do you think of the rumored iTablet? Could it change the way we make music?


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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Velocipede    Said...

Even if it just provides a larger interface for existing iPhone music apps, I think it would be awesome. So many great apps just need more space to be played musically.

29-Dec-09 10:19 PM

Dolphono    Said...

I've just creamed myself. All jokes aside, iTablet will become a production standard. " Could The iTablet Revolutionize Music Making? " INDEED!!!

30-Dec-09 09:24 AM

Henri Sizaret    Said...

well, for a start, it will kill Lemur, unless these guys move quickly to a software based model.

30-Dec-09 10:12 AM

kimplex    Said...

Well, think about Reason -software and how small all the knobs etc. are and how small they would shrink on a sub-10 inch touch screen... nice portability, yes, but what about user friendliness? I am still eagerly waiting for the iWhateveritwillbecalled...

31-Dec-09 03:23 AM

vurnt22    Said...

The iSlate or iTablet is going to be monumental, even without multi-tasking. Just think of the successful porting over BeatMaker, TouchOSC or Jasuto to name just 3 of the many outstanding creative music Apps that are currently available . Many expensive standalone devices are going to be placed under extreme price-pressure, or are going to be suddenly obsolete. The potential for disruption of the control surface retail space is VERY real-Stay Tuned!

04-Jan-10 06:28 AM

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