Addict Trilogy Completed

Prime Loops release Drum Addict sample collection      05/01/10

Addict Trilogy Completed

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Here's what Prime Loops have to say in their own words...
Prime Loops Labs are back with another spine-tingling, stomach-wrenching sound laboratory experiment... Drum Addict. The final installment in the critically acclaimed, mighty Addict Trilogy. The Addict Trilogy includes 'Synth Addict' (10/10, Excellence Award) and 'Bass Addict' (Best-seller), and now... Drum Addict, which compliments both it's predecessors to the core, and when used together, the trilogy is one of the most feared weapons on the sonic battlefield.
Are your ears ready for the heavy thump of the Bass Kick, and whip-attack of the Snare?
Are you sure? Because this is quite simply one of the most groundbreaking, stomach-wrenching, heart-pumping drum loops collections of the market today. Are you a true Drum Addict? Everything has been developed and tested using a highly confidential mixture of vintage drum machines, new analogue synthesizers and cutting-edge digital processing tools; concocting the hottest and most extreme sounds of the moment with advanced drum synthesis techniques gained over years, and countless hits in the making. You will not find another release like this, anywhere.
With 150+ maximum impact, up-to-the-moment crazy drum loops, ripping, high-pressure, and, of course, utterly addictive... Drum Addict is a force to be reckoned with, and an absolutely essential addition to your laboratories sound arsenal.
We took a great deal of care making sure everything has been engineered and processed to perfection, everything has been recorded in 24-bit audio ensuring the utmost quality. And, as you've come to expect with all Prime Loops releases, Drum Addict is completely royalty free, and can be used in all your projects and releases. This way you avoid sample licensing costs, and large label fees, keeping 100% ownership of your work.
Whether you produce Dubstep or IDM, House to Electronica, Progressive to Tech, or maybe you're looking for that killer Rhythm for you next hit, if you suffer from Drum addiction, we are extremely confident you will love what's waiting for you inside. However, please use with caution, Drum Addict is a secret formula, and extremely addictive, the side effects are unknown...
*DISCLAIMER: No producers were harmed in the making of Drum Addict.
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