WNAMM10: VoiceLive 2 Improved

TC-Helicon announce powerful software update for VoiceLive 2      14/01/10
WNAMM10: VoiceLive 2 Improved

TC-Helicon tell us that VoiceLive 2, their floor-based vocal processor, raises the bar even higher with a software update that adds more power, more features and more flexibility. Here's all the details from them...
VoiceLive 2 is already used by vocalists the world over to deliver jaw-dropping vocal performances. And while this compact floor-standing vocal processor has already won over legions of fans with its instant harmonies, reverbs, delays, modulation FX and more, the latest Version 1.2 software update puts even more vocal processing power at your feet.
VoiceLive 2 has already earned its place as the top vocal processor for many of the world's best vocalists. Ease of use combine with superb multi-fx and detailed tonecorrecting and harmony algorithms to deliver perfect vocals, no matter what the style or genre.
Now the Version 1.2 software update takes VoiceLive 2's already impressive feature set and adds a wealth of new features, including Rhythmic effects, greatly improved lead voice latency as well as dozens of smaller improvements that have been suggested by VoiceLive 2 users via blog.tc-helicon.com and the voicecouncil.com forum. With these online resources it's never been easier to stay in contact with other singers who use VoiceLive 2.
The new features include:
  • A new series of tempo effects called Rhythmic. These effects include Rhythmic Stutter, Sample and Gender effects. Each of these effects can be controlled via preprogrammed rhythms and tap or MIDI tempo.
    • Rhythmic Sample lets you create 'delay-freeze'-style effects for freezing parts of your vocal performance, as in Fat Boy Slim's Praise You.
    • Rhythmic Stutter allows patterns and waveforms to control the level of the voice, so creating instant dynamic gating effects and more.
    • Rhythmic Gender applies patterns to random gender settings, so pushing the HardTune effect in vivid new directions.
  • New user-requested controls. New controls have been added, including Lead Level (in preset and global), guitar phase, global setting that forces the Harmony footswitch to act momentarily, gender control for Doubling voices.
  • New 'DUAL' output mode where the wet vocal signal is on the left output and the wet guitar signal is on the right output. In this way the live engineer can use sends for both guitar and voice effects to VoiceLive 2 and set the effects mix on their mixing console
  • Current preset is remembered on power-down.
  • Lead voice latency has been reduced to a near imperceptible amount.
  • Addition of more expression pedal parameters (as requested by VoiceLive 2 users).
  • Easy access to Tap Tempo – simply push and hold Delay button.
Pricing and Availability:
The Version 1.2 update will be available as a free download from the TC-Helicon website from February 2010. More information:

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