WNAMM10: USB And Analog DJ Headphones

Numark PHX USB let you cue with traditional DJ gear and directly from your computer      20/01/10

WNAMM10: USB And Analog DJ Headphones

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Numark have launched their PHX USB headphones that they say let you cue with traditional DJ gear and directly from your computer. Here's what Numark have to say...
We've updated our powerful, highly isolating, folding headphones for 2010. PHX becomes PHX USB with a new detachable cable that enables you to plug directly into USB and cue from software without an additional audio interface! PHX USB also comes with an analog cable for use with mixers, CD players, and other traditional gear. Two sets of earpads, a plug adapter, and a carry bag round out these killer cans.
  • Stereo analog and USB connection
  • Designed for cueing with traditional gear and directly from computers
  • Folding design with carry bag for easy storage and transport
  • Includes two sets of ear pads, USB and analog cables, and 1/4" adapter
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