RjDj Announces More Reactive Music Scenes

7 New Psychedelic Generative Audio Freakouts      05/02/10

RjDj Announces More Reactive Music Scenes

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Reality Jocky has announced 7 new psychedelic generative audio scenes for RjDj, a reactive music application for the iPhone:

  • Triptych from Chuck Wiggins lets you record three sound snippets and play them with different delay times.
  • Inspired by composer John Oswald’s Plunderphonics pharmacopia produced a scene called Oswald that creates collages out of the sounds surrounding you.
  • Dizzy Banjo came up with a new genre for his scene Ascend, generactive. It’s an ambient generative composition that is controlled by hard sounds from the environment.
  • Unowis from Florian Waldner collects sounds and plays them back using granular synthesis along luscious string sounds.
  • Fabio Iaci recently joined the RjDj composer family but already has three scenes out there: Nozy lets you control a noise landscape by moving the device, Theremint is a one finger organ theremin, Galactica is crazy spacey thing that teleports you onto a distant planet.

Reality Jockey created RjDj to "kickstart reactive music and turn it into a consumer format."


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