New App Offers A Drag-And-Drop Multi-Touch Interface For Music

Argos Interface Builder Coming To Windows & OS X      11/02/10

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This is a video demo of Argos Interface Builder - an open-source drag-and-drop interface builder for multi-touch music and visual performance applications.

Dimitri Diakopoulos created Argos in 2009 as part of a Google Summer Of Code project.

Here's what Diakopoulos has to say about the project:

As a musician, I can see many contexts where the multi-touch paradigm can mediate the production, composition, or performance of music. Since no major audio or music creation application natively supports multi-touch (or where the UI is designed to facilitate such), the next best option is to use MIDI or OpenSoundControl to direct internal parameters of the software using an external interface.

Argos will....provide a drag-and-drop approach to interface building for musical contexts. It will have a number of features: a connection pane for MIDI/OSC connectivity, a UI-control browser, grid-based layout system, and ZUI functionality though the use of an in-concept ‘views’ system.

While Argos already looks pretty amazing - it's currently under development and Diakopoulos is looking for other developers who may be interested in helping. Argos has been tested and compiled across WinXP/7 and OSX 10.5.

See the link below for more details.


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