Meet Marv, The Robotic Vibraphonist

Featuring MIDI-Actuated Vibe Action      13/02/10

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This is one of the first demo videos for "Marv" - a MIDI-actuated robotic vibraphonist.

Marv was created by Tim O'Keefe, Michael McIntyre, and Brock Roland at the SFSU School of Engineering as "a platform for further research on musical automation and real-time musical interaction."

Marv can play music more complex than humanly possible, as Marv is capable of striking any and all keys simultaneously, as well as damping each key individually. Marv can also play much faster than a human vibraphonist, repeating single notes as quickly as 25ms apart.

According to its creators, Marv's range of expression is limited only by MIDI programming effort.

Marv is one of a growing number of impressive robotic musicians. Jazz guitarist Pat Metheny is even touring with an orchestra of music robots, the Orchestrion.

Do you think there's a role for robotic musicians in serious music, or are they just curiosities?


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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