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The Musical Coffee Table Could Be A Firestarter      15/02/10

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Ready for a new way to listen to and interact with music?

Amusity is a tangible user interface coffee table, designed to create a tactile way of working with your digital music collection.

Amusity lets you play music, watch music videos and see additional information about each song. "Speaker objects" control playback. Place the speaker by the song you want to listen to and it will play. Turn the speaker object and you can control the volume.

As you listen to music or watch music videos, meta data such as popularity and genre are used to control the way media is displayed. Popular songs cluster in the center, and less popular or niche songs appear at the outskirts.

In addition, meta data such as popularity and genre control the way the music is displayed - popular songs in the center, rare songs in the outskirts.

At this point, Amusity is a design prototype - but with large screens and multi-touch computing become ubiquitous, can the musical coffee table be far off?

via Yanko Design

James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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