Dynamic Range Day Coming March 20th

A Day Of Protest Against The Loudness Wars      24/02/10

Dynamic Range Day Coming March 20th

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Production Advice - a UK-based blog that focuses on production and mastering issues - has announced Dynamic Range Day - a "day of protest against the CD 'Loudness Wars'."

Here's what they have to say about this event:

On Dynamic Range Day, I want you to SHOUT ALL DAY. I want you to SHOUT IN YOUR BLOG POSTS. I want you to SHOUT IN YOUR TWEETS. I want you to SHOUT ON FRIENDFEED, I want you to SHOUT ON GOOGLE BUZZ, I want you to SHOUT IN YOUR EMAILS, I want you to… well OK, you get the idea. I have a headache already. Hmm, maybe this isn’t such a great idea after all…

All the SHOUTING is of course a witty analogy of excessively compressed, distorted, dull, lifeless Loudness War collaterally-damaged audio. EVERYTHING FLAT OUT AND RELENTLESS.

In fact, you don’t just have to SHOUT – you can distort your words in any way you see fit. Maybe your blog will suddenly turn a violent shade of lime green and orange. Maybe you suddenly use a ridiculous gothic font (all in caps, of course). Maybe your avatar will suddenly be massively over-contrast-y and hyped. Anything you see fit.

And also, you explain why you’re doing it. Tell people about the Loudness War, and why you’re opposed to it.

If you're tired of overly-compressed audio and want to celebrate Dynamic Range Day, CHECK OUT THE LINK BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION.


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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